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SATURDAYS, October 21 - December 9
10:00 - 12:00 with Joshua Maier

Whether you are a potter or a sculptor, a thrower, hand-builder, or slip caster, the surface of your work is often both the final step and the ‘make it or break it’ moment for your clay forms. There is a huge world of possibilities on the surface of clay that don’t include any glaze at all, and can -and will- set your ceramic creations apart! In this 8-week class, participants will see up-close demos, get basic (and advanced) informational handouts, and ample time to experiment with surface techniques on their own work. We’ll explore creation of stamps and texturizing tools, making and using Terra Sigillata, and multiple techniques with slips and underglazes. Learn about wet surface additions: Egyptian Paste, Borax & Soda Washes, Paper & Saw Dust. Experiment with wax, shellac, and latex resist methods. Participants will need to have pieces in a variety of stages from wet, leather hard, and/or bone dry, and bisq-ware throughout the class. You’ll be told each week what stages your pieces should be at for the following week, but have a few things ready for the first class.

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